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Full size diamond report

The EDR diamond report guarantees that the stone examined is a natural diamond, and contains a full and detailed description, focused on the "4 C's"; Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut. Stones are examined by a minimum of 2 diamond graders, all of whom hold vast industry experience, whilst still continuing with extensive training to reflect the latest and highest standards. Our experience, combined with modern technology ensures we offer the highest level of expertise in our practise.

Offering a complete, comprehensive & technical guide to your diamond including: Colour, Clarity, Carat Weight, Diameter, Depth, Crown Angle and Height, Pavilion Angle and Height, Culet Size, Culet off centre, Table size, Table off centre, Star Lower and Upper Girdle & Fluorescence. These reports also contain illustrations of the diamond’s actual proportions and mapped out markings included with the expanded proportion data.

 EDR reports are formatted with state of the art design, whilst being clear and understandable

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