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About Us

EDR has established itself on its reputation and ability to grade diamonds with a passion and commitment to the jewellery trade and their customers.

EDR reports give you peace of mind and confidence that our professional and experienced Gemmologists can provide you with all the relevant details that you require about your diamond. At EDR we use the latest Diamond Grading tools in our fully equipped Laboratory, so you can be safe in the knowledge or our professionalism in giving you the most accurate details of your diamond.

EDR has a fully equipped diamond grading laboratory, located in Hatton Garden, the UK's diamond centre. Ultimately our aim is to provide a service of re-assurance for the authenticity and quality of diamonds we grade.

Using our growing profile, EDR constantly addresses the rapid growth of the diamond sector internationally and seeks to further develop London as a UK diamond centre. Based in Hatton Garden, we offer the local and wider diamond community access to secure and reliable diamond grading reports.