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  • At EDR, we keep an extensive databank of all the reports we produce.

Verified Reports

Now with our full diamond reports you can verify your diamond report online to ensure and prove that your certificate is both authentic and genuine. Click on the link to go to our secure online authentication page.

Jewellery Valuation

We hope you never face an issue with your beloved jewellery but to be one step ahead in this case would resolve many problems that could appear on that unpleasant journey, Its always recommended to have an up to date valuation.

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Diamond Weight Calculator

Use our unique EDR diamond weight calculator to give you information about the carat weight of your diamond. Enter the shape, length, width and depth and see the diamond weight.

How To Submit

To Submit diamonds or jewellery we have forms to send with your order which can be downloaded and printed when your items are sent to us.

Welcome to European Diamond Reports

Established in the UK, EDR offers a wide range of services to the diamond sector, including; diamond grading reports, jewellery reports, diamond polishing solutions, training, research and diamond consulting. We are well respected within the Jewellery industry and you can read some of the testimonials from the trade here  

Using our growing profile EDR constantly addresses the rapid growth and expansion of the diamond sector internationally and continues to further develop London as a UK diamond centre.

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